Underwater PIV

When you like to immerse your system, but your equipment doesn’t… Special casing solution provide advanced measurement possibilities.

Most of the time you try to bring your measurement equipment as close to the region of interest as possible, even if that sometimes means to immerse everything. However, setting up your system manually, once the system is submerged is a difficult task. Here, our motorized underwater solutions can show their strength.

Our underwater solutions give you full control of your measurement setup, while already being submerged and near your experiment. The streamline body of the housing keeps influence on the surrounding flow to a minimum, while at the same time keeping everything safe inside. Construction is modular, giving you the freedom to setup your equipment according to your measurement situation. Remote control of camera lenses and mounts enable to conveniently adapt to your specific situation when already submerged and you’re good to go.

Typical Applications

  • Towing tanks
  • Maritime applications
  • In-situ measurements