Tailor made solutions

Flexibility is our strong suit… together we will find a solution!

Keen on going where no one has gone before? Tight on budget, but eager to measure? Want to get ahead of your competition? We can offer you a flexibility that will suit your task. High modularity of our products means more freedom in implementing them into your infrastructure. Combined with our expertise of more than 20 years in the field, we will find a solution for you.

While the basic concept of PIV hasn’t change since the beginning (it’s still “just” taking two images and correlate the particles) the means adapt to the technological progress in the various connected fields. As none of our products are “bulk goods”, we’re able to adapt to the newest developments and techniques available. We are surely proud that we were the first to supply a fully automated RoboPIV System on the market back in 2013. Especially, as it already consisted out of three collaborating robots and was fully automated, providing massive parallel processed results within minutes just by the push of a button. When PSP came up, we were able to supply UV illumination on an intensity scale unmatched before in the harshest environments. As everything is connected, most of our products benefit from synergy effects: So, our progress on ultra-bright UV LEDs for PSP led to the affordable “Educational PIV” package you can use in a student friendly environment today. However, the most valuable input comes from you… our customers! Don’t hesitate to call us and let’s talk about how we can support you to get done what you really want and not just what a standard solution might be able to do for you.

Challenges we dared to take in the past:

  • Fully automatized PIV in F1 Wind tunnels
  • Short-pulsed, ultra-bright LED Systems for PSP
  • Massive parallel processing of PIV data
  • High Speed Scanning PIV
  • Special Casings
  • Multicolour µPIV