Through our long-term collaboration with world renown camera manufactures, we are able to integrate high quality PIV cameras into our systems. The choice of the camera itself strongly depends on your application and budget: For some tasks a more economical solution might be right choice, for others you absolutely need the latest components to succeed.

We are also proud to present our own high-end cameras: The ILA.PIV.sCMOS and the ILA.PIV.Nano, both developed in collaboration with PCO. Together with our specialized ILACamWare, PIV Image Acquisition was never easier: Feel free to post-process raw data your own way (Although we strongly recommend using our software of course…), as images are saved directly to your hard disk.


The ILA.PIV.sCMOS is our flagship when your application is tough and demands are high. With an

  • interframing time as low as 200 ns,
  • the brand new CamLink HS with a bandwidth of about 1,1 GB/s,
  • 16 bit dynamic range,
  •  > 60% quantum efficiency and
  • 50 fps @ 5.5 MPx

you are prepared for every PIV task at hand.

To facilitate camera setup, our remote focus control (EOS Controller) is directly integrated: Adjust your Canon EF lens precisely via our intuitive software without touching your aligned camera anymore.


ILA.PIV.Nano is a compact size camera with one of the highest quantum efficiencies in the PIV branch. A compact camera head that can be integrated even into the smallest environments.

  • interframing time down to 1µs
  • versatile USB 2.0 connection
  • 14 bit dynamic range
  • 60% quantum efficiency

are just some features when it comes to PIV measurements.

In addition to its pocket size dimensions and high-end performance, it is situated in the lower price segment for scientific cameras, making it ideal for smaller budgets.