LED Pulsing System PIV V3

It doesn’t always have to be laser… Use our ultra-bright LED illumination solution without laser safety issues! Get different wavelengths combined with a fully flexible timing (true cw to pulsed kHz).

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ILA_5150’s LPS 3 is the latest successor of our beloved high power LED source. Unmatched flexibility is achieved through simplicity. Using a single TTL input, the light source follows any given sequence from CW up to 500 kHz. This makes it the ideal solution for highly accurate pulses required for PIV, PSP, BOS, Shadowgraphy, FLIM, etc. This safe high power light source is also the perfect fit for educational purposes.

  • light in CW-mode or pulsed up to 500kHz
  • pulses down to 1μs with superior power stability
  • short rise and fall times
  • accepts any TTL trigger in any sequence (i.e. for PSP)
  • user-exchangeable LEDs (white, green, red, blue, UV...)
  • small form factor for easy integration in any setup
  • flexible connectivity options; control the LPS V3 via:
    • Software
    • Manually (without the need of a PC)
    • Via Modulation Signal
  • no laser safety issues

Typical Applications

  • (µ)PIV
  • Educational PIV
  • BOS
  • Shadowgraphy
  • PSP
  • Bio Fluorescence Applications
  • FLIM