Industrial PIV

PIV Solutions integrated into your facility: When automation meets PIV.

Industrial PIV can be of use in many ways:

  • A fixed (semi-automated) system can support your reoccurring measurements (i.e. Fan wakes, exhaust, heat exchanger).
  • A mobile system can help you identifying flaws in your design / process.
  • A flexible system can be a valuable tool for all stages of development.
  • A short one-time service measurement at your very own facility can fuel your R&D department for months (internal flow in your machine/ product/ room, external flow around your sensor/ cooling/ heat exchanger solution/ mixing process).

Typical Applications

  • Interior / exterior flow:
    • Objects
    • Machines
    • Processes
  • Fixed Test bench installation
  • Reoccurring measurements
  • Fluid Machinery
  • Research & Development
  • Service Measurements