Articulated Mirror Arm

The articulated mirror arm is an integrated light guide for delivering controlled laser illumination to the measurement plane in PIV experiments. This beam delivery solution is particularly effective in cases when the laser needs to be kept away from the experiment due to space constraints or hostile conditions.

In addition, the optical alignment of the laser-arm assembly is highly stable and independent from the application it is used for. Through the mounting block, the arm interfaces to Nd:YAG PIV lasers, both mini- and large models, assembled on static or mobile bench units that can be moved easily around the laboratory. Adding a light sheet optic results in a versatile and self-contained illumination system that can safely deliver high power laser pulses to the experiment.


  • Simple setup and alignment
  • High mechanical stability
  • Safe beam containment between the laser and the experiment
  • 360 degree orientation and positioning of the light sheet
  • Reach up to 1.6m extended
  • Automatic traversing option 

Alignment Tool

To use an articulated arm in an efficient manner, the laser beam needs to be precisely coupled into the mounting block of the articulated mirror arm. For that purpose, a special alignment tool can be used, which allows you to align the mounting block to the optical axis of the laser. Our alignment tool can be order optionally to the Mirror Arm, even having a nice and cosy storage place within the Mirror Arm casing.