PIV Solutions for everyone!

We at ILA_5150 GmbH love PIV … no, seriously; we do! And that’s why we are very keen on bringing PIV to your application. Whether it’s the small things in life, you rather observe through a microscope (µPIV), or a large-scale wind tunnel with your region of interest in the order of a square meter: As long as there’s an optical access, it’s measurable! Just take a look at the typical tasks below and get an idea about the possibilities PIV has to offer.

How do you measure piv


The most common PIV setup is probably the two-dimensional, two component PIV (2D-2C): using a single camera, the two planar components of the light sheet can be measured.


For some applications, all three velocity components within your plane (2D-3C) are of the essence. It’s more complex than 2D-2C, but also more beneficial…


“Highspeed- PIV” is the commonly used term for time-resolved PIV at measurement frequencies in the order of kHz.

Industrial PIV

PIV Solutions integrated into your facility: When automation meets PIV.


The top-notch PIV Solution for your test facility… Fully automated PIV, completely integrated into your tunnel management system: PIV results at the push of a button.

LED Pulsing System (LPS) v3

It doesn’t always have to be laser… Use our ultra-bright LED illumination solution without laser safety issues! Get different wavelengths combined with a fully flexible timing (true cw to pulsed kHz).


Some things simply look way more interesting when seen through a microscope. When it comes down to micro-fluidic, that’s when PIV kicks in again. Quantify your flow through the nanoworld...


When you like to immerse your system, but your equipment doesn’t… Special casing solution provide advanced measurement possibilities:

Tailor made solutions

Flexibility is our strong suit… together we will find a solution!

Related Solutions

While we love PIV itself, there’s much more connected to it. Besides the typical PIV applications, check out some related solutions...