Mini Light Sheet Optic (LSO)

For some tasks, confined spaces can limit possible setup configurations. To overcome this limitations in case of a light sheet optic, we can offer a Mini LSO. The Mini LSO model includes a focal distance adjustment ring to set the light sheet thickness in the illumination plane, and a set of cylindrical lenses to generate light sheet angles of 8, 16, 30 and 50 degrees. Moreover, the mini light sheet optic is compatible with the beam diameter of most of the commercial Mini Nd:YAG lasers up to 380 mJ.


  • Single, compact unit
  • Simple adjustment of both light sheet thickness and light sheet divergence angle
  • 360-degree adjustable light sheet orientation
  • Multiple light sheet thickness and angles ranges
  • Mounts on articulated mirror arm or directly on Mini Nd:YAG Laser heads


  • Laser adapter mount for Nd:YAG Laser (for several models available)
  • General-purpose rail-mounted clamp to fix light sheet optics position (when interfaced to the mirror arm)
  • Adapter piece for mirror arm (M23x1.5)